The Art Of Throwing Away Sh*t: Mini Is The New Black

We often buy stuff in the belief that as soon as we have that one thing, we’ll feel good about ourselves.

It’s a quick fix and to be fair, sometimes it works. At least, until GQ magazine tells us that to be our true authentic selves this summer season, we should be dressing ourselves in squares rather than stripes. 

This is where the minimalism movement comes in. You'll find out more in the links below, but minimalism aims at re-introducing a level of simplicity and head space into your life by reducing the amount of unnecessary stuff you’ve collected.

My fun challenge to you this month is therefore to NOT introduce any new physical clutter into your life.

So next time Pinterest sends you into a shopping frenzy for those cutesy salad tongs made out of reclaimed wood, simply ask yourself: is this thing really going to add value to my life? 

If the answer is no, then here’s your chance reduce your dependence on image and distraction, while sticking up a polite two fingers to the consumerist powers that be.

If the answer is yes, you can invite me for dinner and show off those tongs. This online life coach here likes his greens crunchy.

Mine. Mine. MINE!   

It can be really satisfying to hold an object in our hands and call it our own. But have you ever wondered why we find it so difficult to part from our belongings? This short animation explains exactly how clinginess starts very early in childhood and why.

50 shades of throwaway

Think this minimalism business is all a bit extreme? Don't worry, reducing compulsory consumption doesn't involve living somewhere in a barrel. This website provides a great intro into how you can make minimalism work for you. 

And despite what our mums think, none of us are a lost cause when it comes to tidying up our rooms. Here’s a helpful list of 15 easy cluster busting routines you can do right now which will help free up some mental bandwidth.

Netflix and chill

If you happen to find yourself in Netflix purgatory having finished both House of Cards AND Orange is the New Black, then check out this fascinating documentary on minimalism.

If you don’t have Netflix account you probably have a far more interesting social life than me. You can still watch the documentary on Vimeo.