Procrastination: A Tale of Kittens, Monkeys And Panic Monsters

Let’s take a look at boredom’s ugly little cousin, procrastination.

Being a procrastinator makes you the kind of person who likes to postpone things until the pressure is really on. Without that pressure, there can be no action.  

Your last minute churning on Adderall and coffee might make you the stuff of legends while you're at school or at university. 

But once you hit the workforce or start running your own business, being a procrastinator stops being cute. Instead, the constant distraction and postponement starts paving the way towards a life of underachievement.

Persistent procrastinators often get caught in a vicious loop where procrastination becomes a source of low self-esteem and vice versa. Sooner or later they realise life's become mediocre at best.  

But what exactly happens inside the mind of a procrastinator? How do you get out of the vicious loop?

And does reading about procrastination while procrastinating still count as procrastinating?

Answers in the links below. 

Bookmark them now and thank me later. 

Monkey versus the Panic Monster

Before you can start fixing things, you need to understand the problem.

This three-part blog by Tim Urban is the most hilarious but spot-on description of how the brain of a procrastinator works. And if your Instant Gratification Monkey is getting nervous about reading three whole pages, then watch his TED Talk instead.

Or you can just bookmark it for your next trip to the Dark Playground.

Tips to apply tomorrow

There are some simple practical tips you can follow once you notice that you simply can't get started. From moving around where you sit, to getting yourself a productivity buddy or chunking down your tasks. 

Even visualisation can be a great tool for beating procrastination, so there's still hope that from tomorrow on you'll do things differently. 

The freelancer's curse

If you’re making an honest living by working from home, you’ll definitely want to read these practical tips on how to work around procrastination as a freelancer.  

You might also want to read up on another internet rabbit hole that's far more addictive than cat videos – porn. This video teaches how rewiring your brain can you help you get on top of that one.

And no, the irony of it being presented by a handsome dude hasn't escaped me either.