Vulnerability: A Story of Tears, fears and thin veneers

As little kids (and as little boys in particular) we’re socialised to believe that intimacy and closeness are weak – to be avoided at any cost. As adults, we kinda know better, but the pattern's already there.

Vulnerability is about more than just getting while watching Watership Down for the fifteenth time.

As Jason Silva beautifully puts it in one of the links below, it involves us dropping into our most candid and open selves, while trusting that somebody will be there for us to cushion the fall.

THAT my friends involves courage, shame, authenticity, love, social intelligence; enough really for me to fill another ten newsletters.  

Below are a couple of great links that might help you introduce a bit more vulnerability and authenticity into your life. Whether that be in your relationships, your presence on social media, or even in your next board room presentation. 

Better have a box of tissues ready.

Oh Brené!  

What a better introduction to vulnerability than Brené Brown’s talk. She was catapulted to fame with her wonderfully funny personal story, which shows that when done well, vulnerability and humour can be a very engaging combination. 

With more than 30 million views, it’s become one of the most watched Ted Talks ever. If you’ve already seen it, I’d encourage you to watch it again.  

My vulnerability brings all the boys to the yard

Damn right, it’s better than yours. Mark Manson writes about the benefits of bringing vulnerability into your dating life.

He looks at it from the perspective of a straight man dating straight women. But speaking as a true authenticity size-queen here, it really doesn’t matter how you identify. If you express it properly and if your intent is pure, vulnerability can be a massive turn on for the heart.  

Heart-size matters

Jason Silva beautifully freestyles about the function of vulnerability. He also talks about how pharma may one day be offering vulnerability on tap. Yes, I think he’s talking psychedelics here.

And that man. What can I say? His videos are like tiger balm for my ears and lubricant for the mind.

Hence the box of tissues.